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Welcome to the official website for the Metal, Magic and Lore Role-Playing Game!

Metal, Magic and Lore® (MML) is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game by 5th Epoch Publishing ( MML has been designed to simulate realism throughout a fantasy setting, while maintaining the playability at the gaming table.

MML was first released at the Origins Game Fair in July 2007. The game was initially received well by players, however there was some criticism within several months that we had not released enough play materials for players to fully utilize in a conventional tabletop role-playing game. 5th Epoch Publishing (5EP) was also stricken with some technical challenges which pulled its online presence off of the map for nearly a year. However, these challenges were overcome by late 2008, and since 2009 5EP has continued to release supplemental products for the use and enjoyment by tabletop role-players across the United States and in Europe. In 2014, the game consisted of  6 published books, 1 novel, and 18 PDF products comprising approximately 1,400 pages of game content.

Metal, Magic and Lore continues to expand its product line to meet the desires of players, and 2015 shows promise for a revised edition as well as 3 more PDF products. The MML universe has also expanded so that a board game for war-gamers is now also in progress. The most recent discussion forum here (began August 2014) is a wealth of information for content, styles of layers, alternative approaches to gaming and announcements. Please feel free to join the discussions.

Metal Magic and Lore - putting reality back into fantasy.

 Note: Please bear with us, portions of this site are still under development. However, in addition to product descriptions and reviews, its features do include an active discussion forum, a store for printed and digital products, and a calendar of upcoming events. Please enjoy these pages!