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Thursday, 12 February 2015 19:57


castle-constructionMetal, Magic and Lore was Co-authored by Andrew D. Kozak and Vito Pandolfo. The first game product, the MML Players Rule Book (classic edition) was released in July 2007. The game is originally based on the home-brewed role-playing game melee & magic by Andrew D. Kozak, which was unpublished and dates back 2 decades.

Contributors have helped us at various points along the way, offering their ideas, input and research. They include Robert Arrigale, Clifford Jay Ph.D, Warren Kimmel, Paul Konz, R.K. Pynn (novel author) and James Smith.

While we have had quite a lengthy number of play testers, we want to offer a special "Thank You" to certain people who have offered their time, expertise, consultation, reviews, testing time with their groups, and even written materials. These include: Stuart Anderson, Father Scott Francis Binet, Bill Cassinelli, Chris "Khat" Jackson for his relentless advocacy for this game system since its release, Sergeant Matthew Mediatore (ret.), Plato Pavlatos, Erik V. Smykal, Nick Titano, Alan Tunstead and Stephen Wilcoxon.

Featured writing throughout our products includes (in order of appearance): short stories by Andrew D. Kozak and Tom Hietter, poetry by R.K. Pynn.

Thanks to our site developer, Brian Elliott and

Lastly, a number of you across the country have stepped forward and contributed efforts in the latter portion of 2015 into 2016. Rest assured we will publish your names once we have our products ready. We continue to expand our team of contributors across the states, and are always looking for new ideas and people.

If we have missed anyone, we send our apologies!