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Read what some of your fellow gamers have to say about our game and the system...

Metal, Magic, and Lore (MML) is exactly what I've been asking for in an rpg for years. Its systems emphasize realism and danger and can yet be tailored to high fantasy for those that prefer rpgs like DnD. Every piece of armor you use matters and so does what part of one's body is attacked. The magic systems are also very phenomenal. The book itself is very high quality with good thick paper. It feels like a real tome. And the interior illustrations done by Ryan Pancoast are beautiful. If you are looking for a new rpg that is geared towards mature realistic adventure where even skeletons are scary again, then please get MML!

- Nick, game enthusiast, SD

This game is brilliant in thought, and brilliant in application. Many games have attempted to create realism, but none have achieved this level of intricacy with such ease of play. The game flows like no other I have played and creates such a vivid and real feeling.

- Steve, gamer at Origins Game Fair 2007, OH

In summary, MML is a detailed, realistic-feeling fantasy role-playing game that will offer a rich, engaging challenge to players that want to feel like they are actually living, surviving, and trying to thrive in a tough, unforgiving fantasy world. The basic book provides an excellent foundation for the system, and offers experienced GMs enough material to run rudimentary scenarios. However, even a substantial book cannot offer all the material every GM would want and cover it with the comprehensive detail MML uses. While its emphasis on realism is perhaps not for everyone, the game definitely fills a neglected niche in fantasy gaming and fans will be eagerly anticipating more installments in the system.

- Stuart, game enthusiast, CO