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The art of our first Premiere Artist, Ryan Pancoast, can now be seen in the games ‘Vampire: The Masquerade’ and ‘Magic: The Gathering’! Ryan is an extraordinary talent who made his foray into fantasy art with Metal Magic and Lore, and we are proud to have had him as part of our team.

Brent Chumley

We have recently been featuring new artwork from our recent artists! Brent Chumley's work can be seen on the cover of the MML Journeyman's Rules, and the revised version of 'For Lines of Bread and Steel' by RK Pynn (not yet released). He will also be doing covers fro future MML works and related releases. His work is also readily seen throughout AEGs 'Legend of Five Rings' CCG, and other works.


Jack Parra

Jack Parra is a wonderful up-and-coming talent. His work can be seen for select weapon illustrations within the MML Journeyman's Rules, as well as maps within our novel series and upcoming adventure supplements.



Chris Wilhelm

Chris's work can initially be seen in our upcoming release of the MML Monstrous Bestiary IV. We expect you will see more of his work strewn throughout MML works over time.


Jeffrey Wasson is a skilled craftsman of armor with a vast knowledge of historical fact and technique. Jeff is a friend to the project and consulted on the armor presented in MML.

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