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Look around in our online store! Here, you'll find all our offerings, and sometimes a deal.

The game books and supplements are separated into sections that include Printed & Downloads. Those areas are broken out for Players & Game Masters.

You'll see that we also have some T-shirts available and our first MML novel!  Must haves for every MML fan!

***IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you acquire our FREE download Errata PDF. This pdf clarifies some errors and omissions in the MML Player's Rulebooks.


* About our availability on * - Over the years since Amazon has carried our products, they have updated their methods of doing business a number of times. While we are loyal customers of Amazon,, and all realted venues, as an Independant Publisher this sales channel no longer provides us a worthwhile benefit. As of January2015, our products will no longer be available for purchase through Amazon. We thank our customers for their understanding, loyalty and patience!

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