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The Deeping Vale Adventure Starter

***Note if the GM desires to use beasts within this adventure, the MML Bestiary II – Man Sized BiPeds PDF will be required.

Responding to numerous requests from players of MML for just such a product, we introduce the first adventure module for Metal, Magic and Lore. The 35-page Adventure Starter is presented in an ‘outline and guide’ format, giving GMs a plot, story line and elements of the adventure, while giving them options of tailoring every element of the adventure to their own campaigns. Guide notes help the GM make the best use of his time, making the MML gaming experience more enjoyable for everyone. This is accompanied by spaces for each GM to make his or her personal notes to tailor the adventure to a campaign. Included are several two-color maps, a local gazetteer and information related to the world map illustrated in the Player’s Rule Book. Features creative writing by Tom Heitter.

This product is also bundled with a number of other PDF products on our Game Master's Resource Card. 

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