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MML Bestiary II - Man-Sized Bipeds PDF

The Bestiary II PDF is a product which is specifically intended for GMs of all skill levels from veterans of many campaigns to those who may be running their first games.  The 40 pages of this booklet present five creatures that are roughly the size of a Man. Each one is crafted to add color and diversity to any campaign setting. The Erghodt, Gekkon, Orangun, Orc and Night Goblyn are each presented with rich lore and in-depth setting information. The text description of every beast is accompanied by a beautiful illustration by the talented artist Ryan Pancoast. Each of these beasts present their own unique challenges, and none of them are easy to defeat. This product will allow GMs to create new and exciting challenges for their players. The detailed lore of each beast will work with their setting to extend the feeling of realism and immersive detail of the game. The combat sections include prefigured information to reduce the amount of preparation time needed and allow the focus to be placed on game play and having fun!

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