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MML Bestiary IV - Monstrous Bipeds Featured

BeastiaryIIICoverThis 52-page Bestiary IV PDF is a defining supplement to the Metal, Magic and Lore product line. Five ancient and massive bipedal creatures which have roamed the world and pushed civilized peoples to migrate due to their sheer size and awesome power are presented. These include the aged Cyclops, ferocious Minotaurs, Narada (massive hill giants), aggressive ape-like Ogres and the dreaded menace, the Forest Troll. An in depth description of each beast is presented along with rich lore that will enhance any campaign. Players will find the addition of these creatures to be unlike any encounter they have experienced in other fantasy role-playing games.

The Bestiary IV requires the use of the MML Journeyman's Rules in order to fully enjoy the beauty, distinctiveness and power of these awesome creatures. A series of tables within the Bestiary IV will expand tables presented in both the MML Rulebook and Journeyman's Rules books.

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