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A Primer on the Eastern Lands PDF Featured

****Newly Released! (2 products for 1)

This 65 page mini-gazeteer is a detailed descriptive treatise on the lands of the east on the continent of Domum. It contains information on over 20 regions, including governments, political relationships, races, local economies, terrain features and the climate and ecology. It also includes a group of beasts of burden which are indigencious to the harsh desert and cold mountain climates - camels, llamas, and alpacas. Included are a series of regional maps with detailed roads and trade routes, and locations for 25 cities and towns.

Any who order this wonderful PDF will also recieve a digital layered version of the maps, with features which allow the addition and or removal of the various towns and trade routes and the like. This is a wonderful too for Game Masters who wish to maintin a bit of mystery in their campaigns!

Keep an eye out for a similar product for the Middle Kingdoms, Northern Kingdoms and Western Kingdoms in the many months to come.

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