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****Newly Released! (2 products for 1)

This 65 page mini-gazeteer is a detailed descriptive treatise on the lands of the east on the continent of Domum. It contains information on over 20 regions, including governments, political relationships, races, local economies, terrain features and the climate and ecology. It also includes a group of beasts of burden which are indigencious to the harsh desert and cold mountain climates - camels, llamas, and alpacas. Included are a series of regional maps with detailed roads and trade routes, and locations for 25 cities and towns.

Any who order this wonderful PDF will also recieve a digital layered version of the maps, with features which allow the addition and or removal of the various towns and trade routes and the like. This is a wonderful too for Game Masters who wish to maintin a bit of mystery in their campaigns!

Keep an eye out for a similar product for the Middle Kingdoms, Northern Kingdoms and Western Kingdoms in the many months to come.


We always enjoy hearing from you!


castle-constructionMetal, Magic and Lore was Co-authored by Andrew D. Kozak and Vito Pandolfo. The first game product, the MML Players Rule Book (classic edition) was released in July 2007. The game is originally based on the home-brewed role-playing game melee & magic by Andrew D. Kozak, which was unpublished and dates back 2 decades.

Contributors have helped us at various points along the way, offering their ideas, input and research. They include Robert Arrigale, Clifford Jay Ph.D, Warren Kimmel, Paul Konz, R.K. Pynn (novel author) and James Smith.

While we have had quite a lengthy number of play testers, we want to offer a special "Thank You" to certain people who have offered their time, expertise, consultation, reviews, testing time with their groups, and even written materials. These include: Stuart Anderson, Father Scott Francis Binet, Bill Cassinelli, Chris "Khat" Jackson for his relentless advocacy for this game system since its release, Sergeant Matthew Mediatore (ret.), Plato Pavlatos, Erik V. Smykal, Nick Titano, Alan Tunstead and Stephen Wilcoxon.

Featured writing throughout our products includes (in order of appearance): short stories by Andrew D. Kozak and Tom Hietter, poetry by R.K. Pynn.

Thanks to our site developer, Brian Elliott and

Lastly, a number of you across the country have stepped forward and contributed efforts in the latter portion of 2015 into 2016. Rest assured we will publish your names once we have our products ready. We continue to expand our team of contributors across the states, and are always looking for new ideas and people.

If we have missed anyone, we send our apologies!

BeastiaryIIICoverThis 52-page Bestiary IV PDF is a defining supplement to the Metal, Magic and Lore product line. Five ancient and massive bipedal creatures which have roamed the world and pushed civilized peoples to migrate due to their sheer size and awesome power are presented. These include the aged Cyclops, ferocious Minotaurs, Narada (massive hill giants), aggressive ape-like Ogres and the dreaded menace, the Forest Troll. An in depth description of each beast is presented along with rich lore that will enhance any campaign. Players will find the addition of these creatures to be unlike any encounter they have experienced in other fantasy role-playing games.

The Bestiary IV requires the use of the MML Journeyman's Rules in order to fully enjoy the beauty, distinctiveness and power of these awesome creatures. A series of tables within the Bestiary IV will expand tables presented in both the MML Rulebook and Journeyman's Rules books.


The Metal, Magic and Lore Journeyman’s Rules PDF Version, 252 pages.

This extraordinary collection of expanded rules includes exciting features for GMs and players to completely customize their campaigns. Expanded combat rules including a unique approach to Two-Weapon fighting, additional alloys and weapons, and the customization of armors, weapons and enhancing of spells are included. Featured is a new magic of Alchemy – the ability for GMs and Players to create their own minor magic items.

Fantasy gaming, MML style!


BeastiaryIIICoverThis 62-page Bestiary III PDF is an exciting addition to the Metal, Magic and Lore product line, which details the attributes of 46 beasts of burden. This supplements colors the MML world with a variety of equine, bovine, canine and avian animals used by the races throughout the centuries. An in depth description of each beast is presented along with rich lore that will enhance any campaign. Players will find the addition of Beasts of Burden a perfect compliment to the MML Rulebook.

The Bestiary III is included in the original GM's Travel Sourcebook, however this version has been updated and revised with some improved information. The attribute scale also makes this supplement compatible with many D20 game systems with little effort by the Game Master. 


Our Artists

The art of our first Premiere Artist, Ryan Pancoast, can now be seen in the games ‘Vampire: The Masquerade’ and ‘Magic: The Gathering’! Ryan is an extraordinary talent who made his foray into fantasy art with Metal Magic and Lore, and we are proud to have had him as part of our team.

Brent Chumley

We have recently been featuring new artwork from our recent artists! Brent Chumley's work can be seen on the cover of the MML Journeyman's Rules, and the revised version of 'For Lines of Bread and Steel' by RK Pynn (not yet released). He will also be doing covers fro future MML works and related releases. His work is also readily seen throughout AEGs 'Legend of Five Rings' CCG, and other works.


Jack Parra

Jack Parra is a wonderful up-and-coming talent. His work can be seen for select weapon illustrations within the MML Journeyman's Rules, as well as maps within our novel series and upcoming adventure supplements.



Chris Wilhelm

Chris's work can initially be seen in our upcoming release of the MML Monstrous Bestiary IV. We expect you will see more of his work strewn throughout MML works over time.


Jeffrey Wasson is a skilled craftsman of armor with a vast knowledge of historical fact and technique. Jeff is a friend to the project and consulted on the armor presented in MML.

This is the page where we will explain important changes & updates...

Welcome! Here we are bringing together MML players from across many of the United States as well as our friends and players in Europe!

FORUM Update - We will be reorganizing our Forum in the coming weeks, as it has grown!  Many more topics have spawned from our original threads. As a result some of the permissions will be adjusted making it more accessible to some players. As well, there is a chance that some content may be affected, though we will do our best to prevent this. Please keep this in mind as you use the Forum. Thanks to all of your for your participation!


PRODUCTS - We have listened to player feedback that there are some aspects of the MML rules that are too vague. We are doing our best to take the time to ensure our newer products are thorough and clear. We are almost there!

Coming Soon! 

#1. The revised edition of our novel by RK Pynn. The new editions will have limited editorial changes and a brand new fantasy cover by Brent Chumley. Ms. Pynn is working on a sequel to this wonderful novel which we are hoping to see Winter of 2014-2015.

#2. UPDATE - A Primer on the Eastern Kingdoms -   This product is available for sale!  Includes information on 20 countries/regions, trade and politics, languages and customs, detailed road, city and town maps, 6 beasts of burden and supplemental information on use with other products. A free addition to this in the coming days is an additional map with turn on/off features for specific map elements - useful for any GM. Price: $ 4.95 Go to the GM's Digital Products page:

#3. UPDATE - MML GM's Screens This is an officially printed full-color multi-product, with sides for the GM and sides for players, making GMing and playing easier at the play table. This product will be slightly delayed due to some rule refinement, but it is estimated late Summer or Fall 2015.

#4. Potent Magic Items This PDF will present nearly 30 magic items of all types that are not achievable within the boundaries of Alchemy alone. We have given you big beasts, we have given you Journeyman's Rules to help handle them - acquire more magic to further help this along! Estimated late Summer 2015.

#5. Character Tropes Supplement We know many players are used to character classes. Well, with these pre-templated player characters, all players need to do is choose one of the tropes, make some minor adjustments and a play group may be underway in under 30 minutes! You an also use these tropes as a guide to help select skills for your home-made characters - MML style! Estimated Summer 2015.

#6. Bestiary V: Natural Quadrupeds With the addition of the Boar, Wolf, Stag, Lion, Bear, Manticore, Reaver and several others, traveling the natural terrain of the forests and hills of Domum can be sheer treachery. Color your campaign MMl style with the addition of these natural creatures. Estimated Summer 2015.


Stay tuned for Updates!



Other Surprises!

Now in development - temporarily entitled "WAR OF THE EPOCHS" The new game of continental conflict in the Metal, Magic and Lore setting! Do you like Risk, or better yet, Axis and Allies? Do you like the fantasy of JRR Tolkein, Terry Brooks, and / or other fantasy settings? Well, here it comes. The game of conflict among the forces of good and the forces of evil, according to the Lore set forth in the MML RPH product line. Now the races of Men, Elves and Dwarves will come together to fight the uprising hordes of Orcs, the brutal coastal invasion of the Minotaurs, and the resurfacing of the long-hidden and terrified Serpenti! If you love MML, you will love this game as you will see how the wars will be waged across the continent of Domum. And, if you have friends who don't role play but love war/boardgaming - no worries! Coming in 2015!

 Our research into a modern game system has given way to a separate stand-alone system, now called "Ultimate Operative". The game is 100% compatible with Metal, Magic and Lore.  Soon after we will be releasing a first setting supplement, "Occult Ops" - for those of you who like modern horror, vampire and ghost hunting, magi and other paranormal stuff. In addition , we have other supplements in development.

THE VAMPIRE'S CODEX - While we do not have a site up for this yet, 5th Epoch Licensed with 20 Eyes Entertainment for J.A. Dohm's The Vampire's Codex - This is an incredible piece of work, combining the new and fresh content from J.A. Dohm and 5th Epoch's RPG engine. Compatible with MML and Ultimate Operative! Keep an eye out!




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They talk about several things, but also cover "Metal, Magic, & Lore"

Home Geekery Season 2 Episode 1, Part 1, at about time 12:30 – 17:30

“…the combat system feel right…..”
“…the magic system is revolutionary…”



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