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kodt160Knights of the Dinner Table, by Kenzer & Co.
Issue Number 160, February 2010
page 75 "Brian's Picks"


Metal, Magic and Lore
5th Epoch Publishing
“With the advent of Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons, some players are looking for something that has more of the old-school feel. Look no more - Metal, Magic and Lore is here.

The thick and beautifully-illustrated book is a fantasy role playing system that incorporates the best of fantasy role playing while getting rid of the worst. Six major races are included and character creation allows for great diversity in those races. Attributes are easily generated with a number between 1 and 20 and background and history of the races is described minutely. The skill-based system means that characters aren't limited by class or profession, only by their own imagination.

The detailed combat uses percentile dice for attack rolls and follows up with very specific damage locations. The precise and complex rules for combat use different charts for different types of weapons. That combat section is rivaled by the magic system with plenty to play with. What armor covers and how much protection it gives is all here. Even the character sheets are based on race instead of profession.

Maps in the front and back of the book even give a game world to play in.

Also available is a CD-Rom that includes extra materials, bestiaries and more.”

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